How Mathieu Sbai Took Part in Crowd Management In Mecca During The Pilgrimage

Mr. Mathieu Sbai is a globally recognized consultant in Assistance to Project Management and Works (AMOA/AMOE). Apart from his reputable skills in consultancy, Mathieu Sbai has authored the “Employment Village”- an’apprenticeship program that caused a revolution in the Information Systems sphere. Mr. Mathieu specializes in mega projects in IT which requires the use of artificial intelligence.Such projects include crowd management and other social and economic projects. In preparation for the Expo Dubai, Mathieu Sbai Took part in the relocation of multiple European and North African projects from China to Europe.

This article is dedicated to highlight Mathieu Sbai’s project in crowd management using AI during the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Complexities in Handling The Flow of the Pilgrims

The Muslims value and recognize Medina and Mecca as holy places. As a result, a lot of Muslims troop these places especially during Elhadj. Due to the crowds experienced in Mecca during the pilgrimages, authorities are required to ensure that safety and comfort is guaranteed for every visitor. However, this requires robust systems and efforts to manage the crowds. Such measures include improvement of infrastructure and IT systems.

The Mecca authorities tasked Mathieu Sbai with a responsibility to develop a program for managing crowds using artificial intelligence. The project involved several technical challenges sue to its religious nature:

– First, there are a lot of pilgrims who visit Mecca. The numbers vary between 3-5 million pilgrims, with peaks being visits to My Arafat.
– The second challenge is that, there are specific rituals which must be adhered to. This means, these rituals should be considered in the design of the crowd management program.
– Finally, the geographical landscape of some sites doesn’t guarantee safe and fluid accessibility to crowds. This means, only few people can pass through the narrow pathways to the small sites which can accommodate a specific number of people at a time.
Optimization of a crowd management model is another challenge that had to be addressed by Mr. Sbai. The challenge the authorities faced was to allow all Muslims across the world to troop into the holy city. They also needed to provide safety and security to all those pilgrims visiting. The crowd management program needed to be flexible and one that could easily be adjusted based on different situations. All these challenges made the design and implementation of the project a difficult encounter.
Mathieu Sbai and his team sought to use artificial intelligence to accomplish the project.

Why use AI in Crowd Management?

Traditional crowd management systems were not efficient and effective because they generalized several scenarios. Artificial intelligence provides better solutions because it allows analysis of huge data volumes and in real-time. This means, the decisions made from the analyses are accurate. Also, solutions can be changed quickly whenever situations change- something that is highly useful. For example, in the Mecca situation, the system will provide real-time solutions based on the pilgrims present, and not on the expected. At first, the system will provide solutions based on projected number of pilgrims. However, during the pilgrimages, the numbers could change- increase or decrease. Based on these changes, the current data will be analyzed within a short time and adjustments made accordingly. Timely reaction to unprecedented complications is one of the most important aspects of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence combines several covariates/events/factors to create a solution that best fits the scenario at hand. On the pilgrimage, events such as prayer times, fatigue, weather, etc. are taken into consideration. The AI model aims at finding a model that fits most or all the factors in consideration.

The system that Mr. Mathieu Sbai and his team are developing seeks to manage the in and out flow of pilgrims in Mecca’s Great Mosque. The system will not only give head counts of all pilgrims to various sacred places, but will also identify inappropriate conduct amongst the pilgrims. For instance, the system will be able to detect the pilgrims who will not respect the direction of the traffic during the 7 circles around the Kaaba. During this ritual, everyone is expected to circle around the Kaaba in a counter-clockwise rotation.


The Efficiency of Mathieu Sbai’s Proposed AI Program

Due to the significance of pilgrimages to the Muslims, its success is paramount. The success of the ritual depends on the fluidity and efficiency of the system used in directing and managing the crowds. The main objective of the system is to ensure efficient regulation of pilgrims’ flow as well as guaranteeing their comfort and safety. In guaranteeing safety, the system is supposed to prevent unwanted incidents and provide viable options in the event of unprecedented incidences. Also, respect for the various rituals is another objective of the system.Under the able leadership of Mathieu Sbai, the team has come up with a proposed solution which will eliminate most of the challenges that have been encountered during previous pilgrimages. Once the system is in place, a lot of time will be saved for other activities. Time was previously lost as pilgrims crowded at some points of entry. Also, it was difficult to monitor movement of the pilgrims since all the monitoring was done by human resources.

 However, the AI system by Mr. Sbai can track all movements of people in real-time. People are provided with bracelets with tracking devices. These bracelets can tracked by the computers in the server rooms. If an individual violates any ritual, it is easy to identify them and appropriate measures taken. Also, if there are situations such as stampedes, it is easy to determine where it is happening and fast deployment of rescue. Also, human resources will be saved who can be redeployed to perform other tasks.

Mathieu Sbai’s system uses simulations to manage flow of pilgrims while ensuring the crowds are well distributed. The system is able to detect points of entry with more people and those with few pilgrims. Once that is determined, crowds are redirected to the less congested access points thus relieving the congestion at the congested points. Reduced congestion in return guarantees safety of the pilgrims as well as ensuring they’re comfortable. For instance, overcrowding can lead to suffocation as a result of reduced oxygen concentration.
It is important to recognize the initial complexity was difficult and only AI could handle it. Mr. Mathieu Sbai and his AI crew fully used their knowledge and experience to design and implement a robust, efficient, and effective AI system tailored to solve a specific problem.


The power of AI is perfectly demonstrated in the success of Mr. Sbai’s crowd management program. Provided information science and artificial intelligence is used properly, they can solve the most complex challenges.

In summary, AI is a very powerful and important tool in the modern world. Traditional problems can be solved by AI and information science. As in the case of Mecca pilgrimages which used to be difficult for the authorities to manage, now it is possible. There are now even more Muslims going to fulfill the fifthpillar of their faith in Mecca. This is because, every Muslim can feel safe and comfortable in the midst of millions of fellow pilgrims. Also, courtesy of Mr. Mathieu Sbai’s crowd management program, authorities are comfortable in handling any number of pilgrims to the holy city.

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